from the grain to the cup

We traveled around the world in search of the most delicate and exquisite flavours, to obtain a Premium quality product. Our agricultural engineers went in search of the best coffee growing fields in America, Africa and Asia, taking into account the properties of soil, water and climate. Each farm produces a coffee with unique characteristics, which can be enjoyed by the final consumer, thanks to the quality of our process.

the harvest

From planting to harvesting, every stage is decisive. That's why we take care of the grain cultivation used in our blends and their subsequent harvest, is carried out under the most refined methods. Our coffee keeps its inert personality from the seed to the cup. To obtain a real premium quality coffee, at this stage we rely on the principles of sustainability and traceability. By this way, it contributes to the care of the environment, conserving biodiversity through the improvement of land use practices, while having strict control over the entire process. Through the Picking we collect, in a handmade way, only the ripe coffee cherries, discarding those that are still too green or too ripe or fermented. In fact, a difficult and intensive process, but it allows to guarantee a Premium quality product.


Without any doubt this is the fundamental stage, where the different flavours that make up our capsules are reached. It is, literally, to roast the green beans to the point where the desired flavours and scents are developed. To achieve the ideal roasting, we look for a time and a just temperature for each blend, which allows the grain to express its natural characteristic to the maximum. Our roaster expert, is the artist who develops different levels of roasting, in a personalised and handmade way, with the aim of highlighting the scent and the particular flavour of coffee, keeping the overtones of its origin.


The method consists of dissolving and then eliminating the caffeine from the grain through a natural process based on water. In this way, caffeine is eliminated without altering the natural coffee flavour, one of the most important characteristics of our blend.The coffee seed contains 2% caffeine. This process is done before the green coffee roasting, to provide the coffee flavour, but without the caffeine effects.

the ground

As well as the taste of the coffee beans, grinding is what determines the taste when preparing it. For this reason, grinding must be very precise and consistent. The thickness degree of the milling has an important impact in the elaboration process, and it is critical to know how to mix the consistency of the coffee fineness degree with the elaboration method, in order to extract an optimum flavour of the roasted beans . The finer the coffee grind, the slower the speed with which the water will pass through it, achieving a coffee with more body and flavour.


The unique properties of our capsules are added to the technology and the quality of our packaging. Each one is made of a plastic material approved for food industry, 100% recyclable. In addition, our capsules have a certification of temperature migration: this means that when the material comes into contact with hot water, it doesn't lose its properties or leave particles that can alter the taste. By this way, we preserve the quality of our coffee and take it to your home, so it can be enjoyed together with the best company  at every daytime.