Cold and Enjoyable

Although the classic one is prepared with hot coffee, Cold coffee consumption grows more day by day. 

Now we show you how to prepare this infusion to enjoy all the flavor of the best coffee.


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During the summer months, accompanied by high temperatures, Any cold drink sounds more "friendly" than classic infusions. But why not to still enjoying a good and refreshing coffee?In several bars many people have opted to order an espresso accompanied by ice glasses. However, we teach you how to prepare a real cold coffee or, as it is known in english, Cold Brew Coffee.This way to prepare coffee has the particularity that it does not apply heat at any time to the infusion.

Cold Coffee vs Coffee with ice

Ice coffee is the one where the infusion is prepared with hot water and then poured over the ice to cool it quickly.Simple and fast, but if the ice we use is of poor quality and melts quickly, the coffee can turn excessively watery with a not at all pleasant taste. The coffee prepared in cold is infused with cold water.You will wonder how it could be possible, right? Here we show you step by step how to enjoy the best cold coffee.

  1. If you use coffee beans, be sure to grind your coffee just before using it.
  2. Place 227g of ground coffee to 3.8 liters of filtered cold water.
  3. Let rest it all night long, between 12 and 14 hours.
  4. Once that time has passed, you can drink it at room temperature or keep it in the fridge to drink it cold.
  5. Enjoy it alone, with milk or prepare some of our delicious coffee recipes.